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Having spent a lot of time learning about the booming Solar Energy Industry by working on a lot Alternative Energy deals this summer in a Capital Markets Banking Internship I found a need for tools to learn more about the industry. This site has become an outlet highlighting the many different sources I used or wished I had used during my time there, hopefully the next person to be in my position can utilize these tools to better serve their role. Although Solar has been around for a long time, with Solar Thermal activity being traced back to the early 20th century, there has been a recent explosion of activity in the sector. This explosion explains the reason this wiki is needed, it aims to organize the chaos of that information explosion into more manageable sections.


Additionally, I think this is a topic that should be, if it is not already, of great interest the high majority of young adults as it could very well shape the future of many of our lives. This claim is based on the dramatic job growth and capital investment going on within this industry. Therefore, this wiki can be useful to simply any interested person who has some time on their hands and a desire to learn about a cool new topic.

To start things off I suggest you go here to get some info on the history of solar.

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14 Dec 2009 15:59 DOE Launches new Website
14 Dec 2009 15:57 DOE Approves $87 Mn for Solar Project
14 Dec 2009 15:56 Equity Picks for your Green Portfolio
14 Dec 2009 15:55 Bright Future for Solar Stocks?
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