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Now that you have some insight into what Songza is all about it is time to get into the individual features that make it truly cool. At this point if you have not gone through the tutorial videos yet, it might be useful to do so in order to understand what is being said here. Click here to watch videos.


Arguably the most convenient feature of Songza is the mobile playlist. Aza, a co-founder, described the usefulness of this playlist in that it moves with you, giving you the ability to access your playlist from any computer terminal. This way if you forget your iPod, smart phone, laptop, it is no problem you can still have your playlist with you.

Here is a picture of the main page of songza and as you can see the playlist is featured right in the middle of the page.


It should be noted that once songs are added to the playlist they can easily be deleted or moved around with simple point and click moves. Nowadays ease of use is an expectation, otherwise even the most savvy internet users will move on to the next competing search engine.

That said, as Songza is so young there are still several draw backs to mention. Firstly, you might ask why not just use the youtube playlist function. Since Youtube has the same playlist feature this is a fair question, but in response I would like to highlight three points:

  1. Youtube has much more than music, so keeping your playlist to music might limit your functionality
  2. As Songza grows it is working to add more information that from youtube, just yesterday I found a song that uses iMeem, another good online music listening service
  3. It seems that only one playlist can be made and maintained, it would be nice to have multiple playlists

It is my opinion that in 3-4 months this concern of the youtube-songza similarities will be washed away. Additionally the multiple playlists concern is probably a work in progress, listening to multiple clips with the co-founders it sounds as though they really are working hard to deliver on the desires of users.


Directly on Songza you can tweet a song you like or post a facebook message, or simply email a link or place a link on your own blog. The first two features are the ones I thought were the most convenient. At this point in time integration is key. As seen in the screen shot below, the menu system makes it very easy to get to these options, simply click on a song of interest and the menu pops up.




Pretty simply, just like any social networking site this search engine lets you start an account and make a profile. Think of it as igoogle to google, create your own profile, customize your homepage and then utilize their search tools. As I said, pretty simple, but simple is good especially when people think complex = intelligent. Trust me complex also = annoying at times.


On top of Youtube I just found that Songza now is pulling information from iMeem, another great resource for music listening, but it tends to have a lot of results that do not match, and there are an increasing amount of listening restrictions, coming close to the iTunes 30 second sound bite.

With that I am very confident in saying that Songza is actively growing their database and functionality.

What's Next?

Advertisement catered to musical interest. Artists can create their profile and market themselves, similar to PureVolume or LastFM. This is still very much a work in progress but will make Songza a great hybrid of a simple search engine, for music, and a blog for artists who want to create buzz around their group.

Currently Songza has integrated some keyboard shortcuts to make navigating from song to song easier but I feel that they will grow these abilities even more in the near future. Keyboard shortcuts are a huge selling point to me.

  1. Spacebar will act as a toggle bwetween pause/play
  2. Left/Right arrows will move users the next or last song

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