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Songza was the answer to a question I have long had, what is the best place to get access to a lot of free music simply. Additionally, I wanted a website with an easy interface and the option of listening to what I want to listen to not what is suggested. For a long time I have been using a variety of other sources to try and achieve this simple desire through a series of compromises and complications. Luckily through being a part of this class I have found myself being both pushed to further utilize the web as well as invigorated to do so. This find was a product of the latter.

To most appropriately introduce what Songza really is I thought it would be best said by Aza Raskin, the Co-Founder of Songza. Here is a short elevator pitch from Aza trying to promote Songza to a group of mysterious individuals, let us say it is to BIT 330 for the purpose of this blog.

As you can see Songza is not looking to blow people's minds with innovations, but simply answer a question many people may have, the question that I myself had and mentioned previously. What is really nice about Songza here is that as simple as the pitch is given is as simple as the service is. It delivers, simply, on its promise to let users listen to the songs they want to hear. From an interview hosted by the download squad, a youtube virtual review team, with the two Songza founders it looks like as the site's popularity grows they will look to cater even more to the desires of users.

How to Use It

As mentioned now several times the major appeal of this site is its simplicity. Arguably, the most important factor to its simplicity is a product of its interface. It is very modern and any aged computer user could pick it up quickly. There is a google like search bar, point and click on results to listen and from there a little bit of exploring will pay off as you uncover some nifty features, such as tweeting songs straight to your twitter.

Here are two videos, one short, one long, to teach the essentials of how to get rolling with Songza … choose wisely.


Pros Cons
Application The ability to build playlists online and then access them from any computer terminal is a very convenient service that other search engines or technologies have tried to do and though some exist they are rather pricey and not necessarily convenient Songs are not free to download, not a big surprise, but it means that you must use a computer to hear songs
Integration Nice features of being able to post finds straight to facebook or twitter. Also, you are able to cater your use to your preference - if you want to find a specific song just search, but if you want a genre just search the genre The interactive playlist feature is one of the most attractive aspects of this engine but unfortunately there does not seem to be a way yet to export that list to others on Songza or beyond
Breadth Instantaneously searches through the millions of Youtube posts to find all relevant results Currently only searches within Youtube, though that is expected to change soon, and at times returns results that are simply mislabeled or misinterpreted
Other Keyboard shortcuts make this engine similar to itunes, spacebar lets the user pause or play the current song and the arrow keys will move the user from one song to the next. It is a really nice feature, especially for someone who loves keyboard shortcuts … tbd. I am usually an optimist

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think this is a very promising search engine for all of you who have a more eclectic music interest. In the past, present, and future there will be many more music SE outlets to get your audio fix for the day/week/year but it seems this one is making sure to grab those interested and create a buzz through viral marketing, which means they seem to have a long term sustainable plan. With engines coming and dying every second, it is important to find urls that are going to stick around, otherwise you will have wasted all your time blogging about dying sites [that is no fun I promise].

Additionally the ability to route what will soon be multiple music outlets into one is always handy … think of songza as the RSS feed reader to your news fix need. With the proverbial information highway constantly growing and creating greater, albeit proverbial, traffic jams it is necessary to keep things simple when possible.


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