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How to Start Using this Wiki as a Solar Energy Industry Analyst


This wiki site is intended to offer a comprehensive overview of how to approach researching the many moving parts of the solar energy industry. In order to break down this task into more manageable pieces I have divided the necessary information to gather into various groups. From there I have indicated several tools that will help gather information from each group effectively. The groups are as follow: General News, Financial Movement, New Product Development, Corporate Players, Miscellaneous.

General News

As previously mentioned with the solar industry in full swing it is easy to get lost amongst the speeding information flow. That said, by identifying a few key resources to use as your "points of contact" for general solar insight you will be able to quickly get industry perspectives. These perspectives will help you define specific information paths to follow in order to do your very best as an analyst.

To make things easier, I have found throughout my time here that there are a few especially good resources to get this type of information. Here are a few:

Bloglines: This is a resource that is a great way to very easily get access to a lot of information that you can then quickly organize in various ways. For instance creating various folders to separate different types of sites from one another. To get a better understanding of this please take a look at my blogroll here and read my analysis of the tool.

Twitter Feeds: Recently I discovered through a twitter based service called Tinker, users can create their own event streams to give live streaming tweets based around your own discriminators. Here is the feed that I created in order to stay up to date with news articles that twitters users have been talking about.

Financial Movement

With the development of the Solar Industry, more people are hoping on the bandwagon, especially financial minds that are looking for ways to make money off of this new trend in the market. In order to keep up to date with the performance of the industry there are a few options. In the end, your role as an analyst, is to understand high level the financial situation of the industry, follow and report upon key solar indices and make recommendations on what are the next buy and sell decisions.

Google Scholar: This deep web tool is a great way to access expensive databases to get high quality reports discussing the solar industry in a comprehensive fashion. One such database it New Energy Finance. Running a simple query I got many of relevant results, which can be viewed ["new+energy+finance"&as_sdt=2000&as_ylo=2009&as_vis=0 here]. By clicking on the second link you are taken to this page, where you can then download a full report. The report is a overview of how the financial crisis has affected the solar industry and its progress.

If you would like additional information that will offer a more in depth analysis of Google Scholar and another deep web tool please click here.

New Energy Finance: If your division has recently gotten any additional capital to grow your ability to research I highly suggest further investigating New Energy Finance. This site offers great, in depth reports discussing development in the industry from a financial level. Furthermore, users can use the dynamic tools to create specific graphs and information that paint a story relevant to their needs.

Claymore: With the solar industry gaining a lot of notoriety due to the high activity in the sector, it was only a matter of time before an Exchange Trade Fund, ETF, began to index and profit from the growth in business. Claymore has jumped on this horse and created the first ETF, and in doing so they have created a great website that offers a lot of information as to why they are making the financial decisions they are. Check out their website here.

As an analyst this insight will be extremely helpful in keeping you up to date and will even let you impress the boss now and again, as long as you use it regularly.

MAC Solar Energy Index: This Solar Index, SUNIDX, is an index traded on the NYSE that follows many solar companies from all over the world, the list and weight can be found here. In addition to having made an unbelievable return in the last 6 years alone, this index is a great place to read about additional news that is relevant in the industry using the news link, found here.

Although the cite does not have an RSS feed to follow, I would suggest setting up a page monitor account on Watch that Page in order to be emailed as additional articles are added. This way you do not have to constantly check the source for news updates.

Corporate Players

Using the MAC Solar Energy Index traded firms gives a good insight into what companies should be followed to stay updated about the industry.

First Solar: This is the largest U.S. based Solar company at the time and having been able to leverage its size, it makes for a good firm to monitor. Look here to decide which feeds you believe are most important.

Evergreen: Though small this company is also followed on the MAC Solar Energy Index and with good reason. This quickly growing company is finding ways to drive down the cost of solar panels to make it easier for homebuyers to reasonably afford this alternative energy source. Although they do not have any feed a simple page monitor of this page would do the job of keeping track of new developments related to the firm.

SkyFuel: Unlike the last two firms, this one is a private company that has made major strides forward in the Solar Thermal Industry, hence making it a possible IPO candidate in the near future. Once again using a page monitor on their news page will help keep track of any developments.

As an analyst insights and predictions like this one can really make you shine in the workplace. Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities.



Pixolu: This is a great image website that is also a lot of fun to use. Additionally it has a great variety of pictures, with many high quality pics to choose from. When it comes to solar energy, pictures can be crucial in presentations and even for personal understanding. I suggest taking some time now and again to run queries here and begin collecting images that are not copyright protected.

YouTube: At this point everyone loves YouTube as a place to find goofy videos and waste a lot of time, but it can also be a valuable tool. For instance, here is a channel from ReThink Solar Power that provides some very helpful, visual lessons about why solar power really is so important. Basically this is a channel to help yourself in helping others understand the benefits of solar.

Additional Information

For any additional questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me at moc.liamg|nelibad#moc.liamg|nelibad or by phone here:

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