Here is some information on some of the cool stuff I learned how to do:

  • Put a playlist feature into the Homepage
  • Create a live Twitter Event Stream
  • Analyze the resources using the Tab View feature
  • Added the Google custom search engine to the Homepage, imitating the "I'm feeling lucky" feature of Google
  • Learned how to put the Google Voice widget on my profile (this was working a few weeks ago, and has stopped since)
  • Once I got into the spirit of blogging I actually did 12 blog posts in stead of 10 [9 Resource posts, 1 Industry Blog, 1 - Bing Post, 1 - Class 2 Notes]
  • Created a nice comprehensive Tutorial that broke out research into 4 functional areas
  • Added an output of my Blogroll in my wiki to show how I grouped different sources
  • Made two additional blogs to simply discuss what solar is all about: Introduction and Different Types of Solar

All these additions I put in were not simply to show off, rather they are a combination of exploring my interest in this website and finding ways to make this wiki even more useful. Additionally, through my experience with this class I plan on applying my knowledge of wikidot to create an advice wiki. Hopefully this will be a forum to facilitate Ross students discussing major issues that can then be brought to your attention in a more comprehensive fashion.

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