Email Alerts

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Email alerts are tools that monitor whole sites and send emails to users on either a consistent basis or as changes take place. Either way, users will be getting a stream of information to keep them updated with the happenings of news, media, etc. of a query of their choice.


Instead of having to navigate to multiple resources regularly, those sources will come to you since alerts can all be sent to one email account. This helps users be more efficient in their web surfing, only going to a website of interest when they know there is something of substance to look at.



Type of Tool: Email Alert - Google Tools
Reason to Use: With a wide variety of tools under the google brand name now it is easier to use email alerts if you know that you need to get information about one topic, rather than searching the same thing across many google resources.
Evaluation: Google Alerts, once again, offers the nice, comfy feeling, of working again with a reliable tool. For me the importance of integration of platforms is very helpful, and since google has the online gold mine of tools it is nice to use this tool for compatibility purposes.

Additionally, the tool simply works well. Users submit a query, and get emailed about relevant items that come up either in a timely fashion or as it happens. If email is not your thing you can send the results to a feed reader and just get your results this way. Although this is an email alert tool, the versatility is always appreciated.
Warning: This tool is not the be all, end all for researching about specific topics. For important information, use this tool as a backup, but always do more in depth research.


As seen in the image above, there is nothing to crazy here. Query box lets users decide what to search for and additional drop down boxes give options of how to get your information delivered.

Final Word

The Solar Industry being rather broad with a lot of constant news coverage may not be the best candidate for email alerts with these broad based search engines, but for general daily usage their is a lot of convenience to be had from these tools. I like using it for slow moving stocks to be alerted when they pass or fall below certain price points.

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