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Image searching is simply what it sound like. Tools that allow users to search for images by submitting queries which will search images via various discriminators. Whereas some tools will only search by searching the text tagged to photos, other more complex tools can further search via color association, face, size etc.


Aside from the clear function of serving as an awesome time waster, these tools are a good way to get access to many images that may be required for various activities, such as building a class presentation to preparing party invitations.


Although these tools are not very relevant for analysis of the solar industry, they still help to gather photos necessary to visually show what is being said in my text.


Type of Tool: Image Upload and Search Tool
Reason to Use: With the invention of the digital camera people began to snap away photos more than ever before, which led hem to a problem when their personal hard drive space came to capacity. Additionally, a desire to photos was necessary. Flickr is one of the most well known tools to address those issues. By allowing users to upload and share images, flickr is a great resource to provide this service.

Beyond simply being one of the first image search tools, cool features such as the ability to edit and fix photos online and support a search option to navigate across the millions of photos uploaded make this a easy and convenient tool.
Evaluation: As mentioned previously, this tool is a great way to keep your photos in one place and shareable with friends. Furthermore if users do not want to make their photos public their are setting to adjust the privacy of one account, which is always much appreciated. In addition to these basic features, innovative offering such as printing options or interactive map features make this tool even more powerful and interactive.

Overall the easy to use program is nice and a true life saver for those who love snapping away photos. I like that since this tool has become so highly used it has evolved to a great database to get access to all kinds of images, or even videos, for any circumstance, granted that they are not copy-write protected.
Warning: Flickr is one of those sites were a lot of time can quickly disappear while using it


This is a screen shot of a picture profile. Users can decide to write backgrounds stories to explain the pictures they upload, located directly blow the pic. Then users can scroll through the album or set that the photo belongs to. These options make navigating to new areas easy and somewhat exciting as users may not know exactly what to expect.

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