Real Time Search Engines

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When it comes to the information highway, speed is everything. The world around us is changing every second and we need to keep up to date whenever possible - this is definitely true for the constantly evolving Solar Energy Industry. In order to meed this demand I present you Real Time Search Engines, which we covered early in the semester. These resources are able to return articles and news that is currently being discussed or items that have been popular in the past, gauged by site visits. In addition to Topsy, which I have analyzed in depth earlier, I present other engines that I have found useful throughout the semester.


Type of Tool: Real-Time News/Media Search Engine
Reason to Use: News that is being discussed can generally help point users in a general direction, to then find what specific information they need to seek out.
Evaluation: This is a great tool to help begin learning about a general interest. The simple interface makes it easy to use, and the pleasant design makes it fun to use. Overall, this tool, although helpful. is genuinely fun to use just to see what many people are interested in. Having run a few general queeries I was impressed by the relevance of results. Unfortunately, results are limited to the "public interest" of those who use twitter, digg, etc. and other social tagging or bloggin sites.
Warning: This site can make you waste a lot of time if you are not careful.

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