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Throughout my search to build out my wiki site I have come across various websites, articles, and RSS feeds that have been particularly useful


Solar Resources

  • Solar Energy Technologies Program: Solar Energy site developed by the U.S. Department of Energy highlighting activity in the industry and where to go for more information on solar happenings.
  • Green Energy Blog: Blog discussing why to go green. Helps provide insight of what the changing perspective of the country is.
  • Alternative Energy Blog: Blog that provides news insight with some pointed perspective. The author argues why it is necessary to go green.
  • Sun Powered Dreams Blog: A simple do-it-yourself blog that also provides general movement within the solar industry and other green energies.
  • Renewable Energy RSS Feeds: An amalgamation of tons of useful RSS feeds about solar energy and alternative energies as well. I have subscribed to all the most relevant feeds and have begun to share the most relevant articles and links on my Google Reader, check out my Reader. Below are a few of the most relevant RSS feeds I have come accross
    • Solar Feeds: Discussed general topics and trends in the industry, for example how the prices of solar energy are changing over time
    • Solar News: With increased activity in the solar world due to increased global attention and capital being put towards it, this feed helps me understand what is happening domestically and even globally with solar energy.
    • Solar Power - Technologies: Discussed technological developments in the solar industry, going into all minute changes and updates. Good way to see where this industry is heading and what demand trends are directing technological innovations
  • Department of Energy: The U.S. Government's arm that deals with energy developments nationally, as well as offers grants to firms that deal within the energy sector and are looking to start new projects
  • News Feed Search Results: Solar Energy Stimulus, Google News
  • News Feed Search Results: Solar Energy Job Growth
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